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Sketch UI Generator

Live GitHub Pages Demo

Generates a Interactable HTML website with your Sketch file.

Generated in Browser:

alt text

Actual Sketch App

alt text

Sketch file credits: Sketch File


To Get Started:

Install the package:

npm install sketch-preview -g

Now you have a cli tool available, to use it:

sketch-preview --input=mysketchfile.sketch --open

The --open at the end tells sketch-preview to open a browser tab to view your generated site. Otherwise it will simply build the static site in the public directory.

Including in your Gulp

You can also include this library in your gulp process, firstly make sure you install the package:

npm install sketch-preview --save

Then inside of your gulpfile.js:

// You must pass in your gulp variable for us to extend:
const preview = require('sketch-preview')({
	input: './sketch/TST.sketch',
}, gulp)

// Generate sketch preview files:
gulp.task('export', preview)

Running Dev:

Inside the directory run:


Be sure to run npm update to ensure all the NPM dependencies are up to date.


MIT License

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