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DynamoDB to SES Tutorial

This is the repository for the DynamoDB to SES Tutorial from Stackery.

This tutorial will show you how to populate a DynamoDB Table with links to images, then randomly select one of those images to send in a daily email.

Deploy this to your AWS account

You can deploy this application to your own AWS account using the following two Stackery CLI commands:

stackery create will initialize a new repo in your GitHub account, initializing it with the contents of the referenced template repository.

stackery create --stack-name 'dynamodb-to-ses' \
--git-provider 'github' \
--template-git-url ''

stackery deploy will deploy the newly created stack into your AWS account.

stackery deploy --stack-name 'dynamodb-to-ses' \
--env-name 'development' \
--git-ref 'master'
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