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Puppet Forge release 2.0.0

  Marks the commit that the branch stable/grizzly and the 2.0.0 tag is
  cut from, adds the pkg directory to .gitignore to prevent accidental
  committing of Forge artifacts to the repository, updates release notes
  seciton of the README.

Change-Id: Icca41d9448833de35776395eaf2ab6c50a717956
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1 parent da70b93 commit 96dee96fe644f64f574247ffc4ae6fa245632527 @ody ody committed Jun 25, 2013
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@@ -3,3 +3,4 @@ spec/fixtures/manifests/*
@@ -482,6 +482,8 @@ Release Notes
* Refactor of glance and cinder related classes.
* Nova-conductor added.
* Various cleanups and bug fixes.
+* Removes Puppet 3.2 deprecation warnings in templates.
* Adds the option to automatically set up RedHat or Ubuntu supplemental repositories.
* Class['openstack::all'] refactor that adds support of future compute nodes to be added.
* The cinder-volume logical volume group is no longer a requirement.
+* Swift can use the disk storage_type

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