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Public Issue Tracker

File issues on this repository for the Sandbox CLI.


Issues prefixed INTERNAL are internal issue numbers used by the StackFoundation team.

Version 0.1.2 (Alpha) - October 30, 2017

  • Issue #3: Updated the example in the calling generated workflows section of the docs
  • Issue #2: Fix in wrappers for Linux & macOS to set the correct rwxr-xr-x permissions on the bootstrap to be called
  • Issue #2: Fix to correctly show the Kubernetes dashboard URL in the sbox status command on Linux & macOS
  • INTERNAL-1303: Fix to properly fail workflows when steps fail, unless otherwise requested
  • INTERNAL-1303: Fix to properly cleanup pods and services on step failure
  • INTERNAL-1308: Fix elevated execution of VirtualBox install on Windows
  • INTERNAL-1314: Allow caching of workflow steps, if desired, using cache property
  • INTERNAL-1314: Update website docs to document caching of steps