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The current role of this repository is only the configuration of dynamic services. The three directories build (for old pages and their build system before November 2021), nginx (for previous nginx configuration of the main site) and wwwroot are reserved for historical reasons only.

For the source code of current pages and their build system, see ldtstore-homepage

For images on the pages, see ldtstore-assert

For the generic http redirect service used on /r and /r2, see http-redirector

Build Docker Images for Redirect Service

Prepare a linux VM with docker installed locally for building images. Login as root.

mkdir redirect && cd "$_"
# upload [repo]/docker/redirect/dockerfile to [remote]/root/redirect/dockerfile
wget -O- | tar xv --lzma
chmod 755 hr
docker build -t path/to/redirect:[version] .
docker push path/to/redirect:[version]