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A Burroughs B5500 emulation in "C"
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A Burroughs B5500 emulation in "C"

This is absolute WORK IN PROGRESS!

Work starts in the "emulator" subdirectory, where I check some possible implementation variants.

Focus is on using 64 bit "unsigned long long" for the B5500 words.

I try to use not more than shift, mask and addition/subtraction to implement B5500 arithmetic operations.

The B5500 itself did not have gate level multiply or divide.

Currently I use GNU C, which is available for embedded CPUs as well. For convienience all tests run under cygwin, but they should run on any system where "unsigned long long" is 64 bits wide.

UPDATE 17-10-02:

The emulator sucessfully runs under

  • cygwin
  • linux for PC
  • linux for ARM9

A typical execution:

./emulator/arm9/emulator.exe mta=tapes/B5500-XIII-SYSTEM-adc00257.bcd mtb=tapes/B5500-XIII-SYMBOL1-adc00255.bcd mtc=tapes/B5500-XIII-SYMBOL2-adc00253.bcd dka=disk/dka.dat dkb=disk/dkb.dat lpa=lc10=lp.txt cra=cards/algol1.card

B5500 Emulator Main Thread magnetic tape option(s): mta=tapes/B5500-XIII-SYSTEM-adc00257.bcd magnetic tape option(s): mtb=tapes/B5500-XIII-SYMBOL1-adc00255.bcd magnetic tape option(s): mtc=tapes/B5500-XIII-SYMBOL2-adc00253.bcd disk drive option(s): dka=disk/dka.dat disk drive option(s): dkb=disk/dkb.dat printer option(s): lpa=lc10=lp.txt card reader option(s): cra=cards/algol1.card spo option(s): -H/L WITH MCP/DISK MARK XIII MODS RRRRRRRR- TIME IS 2310 DATE IS TUESDAY, 6/18/85 5:ALGOL/FIRST= 1 BOJ 2301 PBD0055 OUT LINE:ALGOL/FIRST= 1 0:PRNPBT/DISK= 2 BOJ 2301 ALGOL/FIRST= 1 EOJ 2301 5:FIRST/TRY= 1 BOJ 2301 PBD0056 OUT LINE:FIRST/TRY= 1 FIRST/TRY= 1 EOJ 2301 PBD/0055001 REMOVED PRNPBT/DISK= 2 EOJ 2302 0:PRNPBT/DISK= 1 BOJ 2302 PBD/0056001 REMOVED PRNPBT/DISK= 1 EOJ 2302 OL MT MTA 00000 LABELED SYSTEM FILE000 001 71295 01 MTB 00000 LABELED SYMBOL1 FILE000 001 71279 01 MTC 00000 LABELED SYMBOL2 FILE000 001 71279 01

Explanation: The three tapes SYSTEM, SYMBOL1, SYMBOL2 are mounted on MTA, MTB, MTC, the card stack algol1.card is made ready in CRA, the MCP reads and executes it, the listings are written using control codes for the STAR* LC10 printer into the file lp.txt

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