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This is an example of an EdgeEngine worker that responds to DNS over HTTPS (DoH) requests. It delegates all calls to the Google DNS over HTTPS server for all requests except for .stackpath which it will use another site's IPs for.

This is the accompanying code for the blog post Serverless DNS over HTTPS (DoH) at the Edge.

Running Locally


  • Latest Go
  • Latest LTS Node.js
  • Latest mkcert on the PATH (and mkcert -install run at some point)
  • Latest Firefox (also expects root CA cert created by mkcert imported in Firefox for whatever profile you're testing with)

Install deps:

npm install

Gen certs:

npm run genlocalcert

Then in one terminal:

npm run dev

And in another:

npm run httpsworker

Now a DNS over HTTPS worker is started on 3001 (HTTP side is 3000) listening for updates. To test, set the following Firefox Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) values in about:config (do in separate profile if preferred):

  • Set network.trr.mode to 2 which makes Firefox try this DNS server before system fallback
  • Set network.trr.uri to https://localhost:3001/dns-query to set the DNS over HTTPS URL

Now go do about:networking and do a DNS Lookup for mywebsite.stackpath. You should see local IPs.

Deploy on EdgeEngine

Change proxyDnsTo in src/index.ts to given CDN domain (e.g. and set logs to false. Then compile:

npm run build

Take dist/index.js and upload an EdgeEngine script in the StackPath portal. Also in the portal, add Delivery Domain for mywebsite.stackpath. Then set the Firefox network.trr.uri setting to the CDN name and should work.

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