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AssemblyScript WebAssembly

This script demonstrates how to use AssemblyScript compiled to WebAssembly within a script.

Getting Started

Install Dependencies

Install yarn if it is not already installed and run it from the root of the wasm-assembly-script directory



In our AssemblyScript file, we export a function fib() that returns the nth Fibonacci number

export function fib(n: i32): i32 {
  let t: i32;
  let a: i32 = 0;
  let b: i32 = 1;
  for (let i: i32 = 0; i < n; i++) {
    t = a + b;
    a = b;
    b = t;
  return b;

Build WASM

In order to access this function in our JavaScript script, we need to compile it to a .wasm file. To compile the AssemblyScript, run

yarn asbuild

which outputs an optimized.wasm file in the build/ directory.

Importing WASM

Our script imports the WASM file using arraybuffer-loader, setup in our webpack.config.js file. Our script looks like this:

import wasmBuffer from "./build/optimized.wasm";

const binary = new Uint8Array(wasmBuffer);
const memory = new WebAssembly.Memory({ initial: 256, maximum: 256 });
const wasmModule = new WebAssembly.Module(binary);
const instance = new WebAssembly.Instance(wasmModule, { env: { memory } })

addEventListener("fetch", event => {

async function handleRequest() {
  return new Response(String(instance.fib(12)));

The WASM file is loaded into an ArrayBuffer, used to create a WebAssembly.Module, which is used to create a WebAssembly.Instance. With the instance, we are able to call our function defined in AssemblyScript.

Build js

To build our script, run

yarn build:js

The dist/main.js file will contain the runnable script.

Build project

To build the entire project (combines yarn asbuild and yarn build:js), run

yarn build
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