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NDVI calculation script

This script use NGB (Nir, Green, Blue) Raspberry Pi NoIR image
First you need to do:
1. If you wish to use virtualenv.
Description Command
1.1 install virtualenv by executing in console "pip install virtualenv"
1.2 Go to the folder where you whant to have virtual env cd my_project_folder
1.3 Create virtualenv by virtualenv
1.4 Activate virtualenv source /<path_to_virtual_env>//bin/activate
2. Install requirements.txt.
Description Command
2.1 Go to you project folder cd
2.2 Execute pip install -r requirements.txt

Script usage


  • -i, input image
  • -o, output path and file name by default it use 'NDVI.jpg'
  • -c, colors to create colormap by default it use -- 'gray', 'gray', 'red', 'yellow', 'green'


>>> python -i image.jpg -o test.jpg
>>> python -i image.jpg -o test.jpg -c red green blue
>>> python -i image.jpg

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