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فریم ورک یونیورسال lpc2000
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Universal lpc 2000 framework project

The universal LPC2000 framework has been published in 2019 to create a reliable, safe and reliable embeded systems by the persian programmers.The CPP - check and PC - lint were used to check the code with the MISRA standard and so on. For comments in this framework, doxygen has been used.

Why LPC2000?

Considering that the majority of programmers have begun operating in the Proteus and AVR environments, the advantage of Philips microcontrollers in the series of 2000 sets the simulation at Proteus to be very comfortable for training. I 'll have a special emphasis on this family in [stack design blog] (, too. The logo coding of other microcontrollers such as ST and ATMEL is not allowed to simulate in the Proteus, hence it is not advisable to initiate ARM microcontrollers training.

Required Softwares

  • PCB Design & VSM Simulation Suite 8 (Proteus)
  • MDK Version 5 (Keil)
  • git for CVS is used


  • 23-Aug-2019 initial design v.3

More ifno

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