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Atom plugin that makes html/css development much easier.
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#CSS-SPY ###(In Beta) A package to suggest CSS classes in HTML projects

CSS-SPY goes through CSS files linked in open HTML files within Atom, identifies classes and uses these to auto-suggest the appropriate class in HTML. CSS-SPY automatically rebuilds its list of classes to be suggested either when the CSS files are edited or if a change in the linked files is made. Suggestions are available only in HTML files. CSS-SPY is a service provider to and builds on the capabilities of auto complete plus. When CSS-SPY is turned off, auto-complete plus is given a higher priority.


  • In Atom, open Preferences (Settings on Windows)
  • Go to Install section
  • Search for css-spy package. Once it found, click Install button to install package.

Manual installation

You can install the latest CSS-SPY version manually from console:

cd ~/.atom/packages
git clone
cd atom-css-spy
npm install

Then restart Atom editor.

##Key bindings:

CTRL-ALT-Y : toggles CSS-SPY on or off.

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