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@blockstack-devops blockstack-devops released this 01 Dec 15:06


    • The /v2/neighbors endpoint now reports a node's bootstrap peers, so other
      nodes can find high-quality nodes to boot from (#3401)
    • If there are two or more Stacks chain tips that are tied for the canonical
      tip, the node deterministically chooses one independent of the arrival order
    • If Stacks blocks for a different fork arrive out-of-order and, in doing so,
      constitute a better fork than the fork the node considers canonical, the node
      will update the canonical Stacks tip pointer in the sortition DB before
      processing the next sortition (#3419).


    • The node keychain no longer maintains any internal state, but instead derives
      keys based on the chain tip the miner is building off of. This prevents the
      node from accidentally producing an invalid block that reuses a microblock
      public key hash (#3387).
    • If a node mines an invalid block for some reason, it will no longer stall
      forever. Instead, it will detect that its last-mined block is not the chain
      tip, and resume mining (#3406).