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Fix typo in 00UJ

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aisejohan committed Feb 17, 2017
1 parent b70c2de commit 5ad865d625e649b1613be91e970d7ef68b50a85b
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a prime $\mathfrak p'$ lying over $\mathfrak p$, and
a factorization $f = h i$ in $R'[x]$ such that
$\kappa(\mathfrak p) = \kappa(\mathfrak p')$,
$x^e = h \bmod \mathfrak p'$,
$\overline{i} = i \bmod \mathfrak p'$, and
$\overline{h} = h \bmod \mathfrak p'$,
$x^e = i \bmod \mathfrak p'$, and
we can write $a h + b i = 1$ in $R'[x]$ (for suitable $a, b$).


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