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@@ -437,7 +437,7 @@ \section{Relative spectrum as a functor}
same as giving a $f^{-1}\mathcal{O}_S$-algebra homomorphism
$\varphi : f^{-1}\mathcal{A} \to \mathcal{O}_T$, see
Sheaves, Lemma \ref{sheaves-lemma-adjointness-tensor-restrict}.
This is also the same as giving a $\mathcal{O}_S$-algebra map
This is also the same as giving an $\mathcal{O}_S$-algebra map
$\varphi : \mathcal{A} \to f_*\mathcal{O}_T$, see
Sheaves, Lemma \ref{sheaves-lemma-adjoint-push-pull-modules}.
We will use all three ways of thinking about $\varphi$,

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