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Change reference to more suitable lemma

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aisejohan committed Apr 22, 2015
1 parent 0e03a89 commit f2a30a20a074d7ee653860967df9faf376462609
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@@ -5826,7 +5826,7 @@ \section{Curves}
Observe that if an affine scheme $X$ over $k$ is proper over $k$
then $X$ is finite over $k$ (Morphisms, Lemma
\ref{morphisms-lemma-integral-universally-closed}) and hence has
\ref{morphisms-lemma-finite-proper}) and hence has
dimension $0$
(Algebra, Lemma \ref{algebra-lemma-finite-dimensional-algebra} and
Proposition \ref{algebra-proposition-dimension-zero-ring}).

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