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Oct 28, 2022

Stacks Grant Launchpad



As part of our commitment to promoting a user-owned internet, The Stacks Open Internet Foundation (aka Stacks Foundation) provides support for developers, designers, community leaders, and more through various types of grants. Grant Types are organized by Funding Streams. Grant Types consist of milestone-driven grants, community-support grants, residencies of subject matter experts, and various other forms of support. While grants funded through our programs are broad in scope, the core mission of the Stacks Foundation is to fund software development and research efforts related to Stacks and Bitcoin. We prioritize funding strong technical projects that add immediate and widespread value to the Stacks ecosystem. Anyone is welcome to submit a project application.

Visit the Grant Process and Payments in the Wiki for detailed information on the entire process.

Application Submission

Current Grant Priorities

Until the end of Q2 2023, the Stacks Foundation Grants Program will be prioritizing grants that align with critical priorities as identified by the community here and more specifically, aligned with the following areas of focus:

1. New and novel technologies that leverages the Stacks 2.1 upgrade and subnets (learn more here and here).
2. New and novel technologies that strengthens the connection between Stacks and Bitcoin (learn more here).

Grant Review Committee

Grants are awarded in cohorts. You can learn more about how cohorts work here. Each cohort of awarded grants is selected by the Grant Review Committee (GRC). The GRC meets for ~2 weeks each cohort immediately following the close of applications.

  • Prior to convening the GRC, the Stacks Foundation staff pre-reviews all applications and tiers them in terms of priority based on the current grant priorities.
  • Low Priority and Medium Priority applications are typically by the Foundation staff so that the GRC only allocates time to High Priority and Highest Priority applications.
  • GRC members are assigned 4-6 to the remaining applications each and review them over the course of ~2 weeks. The assessment the GRC review applications against can be found here
  • At the conclusion of the GRC review period final determinations and made based on GRC feedback, Stacks Foundation OKRs, and available the available grant budget* for the cohort.

*The grant budget for each cohort is 10% of the annual endownment of STX tokens in the Stacks Foundation treasury.

Aakanksha Mahajan Whitelabel & Stacks Resident
Albert Liang Stacks Web3 Startup Lab
Andrea Zaragoza Ballesteros Stacks Ventures & Stacks Accelerator
Ciara Maria Proia Whitelabel & Stacks Resident
Harold Davis Stacks Governance Lab
Mohamed Huzayen Stacks Governance Lab
Igor Sylvester Blockchain Engineer, Trust Machines
Jamil Dhanani Trust Machines & Gamma
Jenny Mith Ecosystem Development Lead, Stacks Foundation
Joshua Owen Tradeport
Kenny Rogers Developer Advocate, Stacks Foundation
Kyran Burraston Wallet Team, Hiro Systems
Louise Ivan Ryder
Marvin Janssen Ryder & Clarity Innovation Lab
Orlando Cosme StackerDAOs
Rafael Cardenas API Team, Hiro Systems
BowTiedSirJonathan Stacks Degens
Thomas Osmonson Fungible Systems
Trevor Owens Stacks Ventures & Stacks Accelerator
Tycho Onnasch Trust Machines / Zest
Ryan Waits StackerDAOs

If you are interested in joining the Grant Review Committee, the best way to show your interest and highlight your critical thinking skills is to comment on open applications here.

Grant Review Assessment

The assessment consists of the following questions. Each question is scored from 1 to 4. 1 = Strongly Disagree and 4 = Strongly Agree. Typically, applications that are awarded grants have an average score of 3.5 of higher. Each question is followed by a field for feedback on that item and the assessment also includes a field for general feedback near the end. The assessment concludes with a simple two option question: approve or deny.

A. Application Clarity -
Scope, Objective, & Measure of Success The application has a crystal clear and well-defined: scope, objective, and measureable way to determine success.
Target Audience The application has a well-defined & substantial target audience that will immediately benefit from the work.
New & Novel The project will result in high-impact code, tooling, research, or resources that will be new & novel contributions to Stacks.
B. Stacks -
Mission-Aligned The project will move Stacks closer to the Stacks Foundation's mission of promoting a more user-owned internet powered by Stacks.
Mission-Accelerant The project will accelerate a broader adoption of core Stacks technologies.
Community-Aligned The project will serve the broader Stacks community with immediate and widespread value.
C. Work Plan -
Budget The project's proposed budget is fair and feasible for the scope of work and deliverables proposed.
Duration & Scope The project's proposed duration (hours of work) is appropriate for the scope of work proposed and budget requested.
Deliverables The project's final deliverable (and milestone deliverables, if applicable) is well defined and easy to hold the Applicant accountable for when requesting progress payments.
D. Risk Assessment -
Team The project's applicant and/or team appears to be highly capable of completing the proposed work.
Execution The project's success will not be encumbered by technology or market dependencies.
Security The project will not create or expose any foreseeable security vulnerabilities.

Summary, Awarded by Cohort

You can find a detailed list of each grant awarded (by cohort) here.

2022 Q4 C-19 10/01/22 - 11/14/22 TBD TBD TBD
- Q3 C-18 08/15/22 - 09/30/22 $421,500 13 Grants $32,423
- - C-17 07/01/22 - 08/14/22 $413,040 15 Grants $27,536
- Q2 C-16 05/15/22 - 06/30/22 $843,450 23 Grants $36,672
- - C-15 04/01/22 - 05/14/22 $631,001 23 Grants $27,435
- Q1 C-14 02/15/22 - 03/31/22 $532,600 12 Grants $44,383
- - C-13 01/01/22 - 02/14/22 $572,600 19 Grants $30,137
2021 Q4 C-12 11/15/21 - 12/31/22 $79,500 6 Grants $13,250
- - C-11 10/01/21 - 11/14/21 $13,700 2 Grants $6,850
- Q3 C-10 08/15/21 - 09/30/21 $83,500 6 Grants $13,917
- - C-09 07/01/21 - 08/14/21 $152,000 5 Grants $30,400
- Q2 C-08 05/15/21 - 06/30/21 $140,630 10 Grants $14,063
- - C-07 04/01/21 - 05/14/21 $192,844 8 Grants $24,106
- Q1 C-06 02/15/21 - 03/31/21 $127,658 8 Grants $15,957
- - C-05 01/01/21 - 02/14/21 $9,090 2 Grants $4,545
2020 Q4 C-04 11/15/20 - 12/31/20 $20,360 6 Grants $3,393
- - C-03 10/01/20 - 11/14/20 $16,700 5 Grants $3,340
- Q3 C-02 08/15/20 - 09/30/20 $5,000 1 Grants $5,000
- - C-01 07/01/20 - 08/14/20 $30,000 6 Grants $5,000

Summary, Awarded by Grant Track

We ask that applicants categorize their application by one of the eight grant tracks or areas of interest below. This helps us better understand where funding should be directed.

You can find a detailed list of each grant awarded (by grant track) here.

SP Stacks Protocol Blockchain/Subnet Studies, SIPs, Nodes, Mining, etc $33,000 4 Grants $8,250
SX Stacks Interface APIs, Indexers, DID, Wallets, Explorers, etc. $1,119,208 36 Grants $31,089
SA Stacks dApps & Clarity Clarity Improvements, Smart Contract Templates, dApps, etc. $919,584 66 Grants $13,933
DX Developer Experience Tooling, SDKs, Libraries, Faucets, Sandboxes, etc. $497,900 18 Grants $27,661
UX User Experience UX/UI Research, Prototypes, Component Libraries, etc $108,400 3 Grants $36,133
XO Cross-Chain & Off-Chain Decentralized Storage, Oracles & Bridges, etc. $130,100 4 Grants $32,525
BTC Bitcoin Utility via Stacks DLC-Clarity, BTC-Native DeFi (using Stacks), etc. $395,500 6 Grants $65,917
E&C Education & Community Documentation, Tutorials, Governance, Education, etc. $506,341 33 Grants $15,344

Additional Resources

Note for 2022 Grantees regarding the previous Grants Dashboard:

Please note, the previous Grants Dashboard ( has been deprecated. If your grant application was submitted (and awarded) via, but you have yet to finish your grant, please email grants at stacks dot org with the subject heading "2022 GRANTS DASHBOARD GRANT". Please include a detailed description of your grant in your email. Thank you.

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Grant Process and Payments


Welcome to the Stacks Foundation Grant Program. Community members interested in submitting a grant proposal may do so by opening an issue in this repository and filling out the grant application.