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Libcloud Integration Pack

This pack allows you to integrate with Apache Libcloud.


Copy the example configuration in libcloud.yaml.example to /opt/stackstorm/configs/libcloud.yaml and edit as required.

It must contain a credentials set for the Cloud providers you wish to use. Actions take a credentials parameter to specify which credentials to use.

Example configuration:

      api_key: "username"
      api_secret: "password"
      type: "compute"
      provider: "ec2_us_east"
      region: "us-west-1"
      api_key: "username"
      api_secret: "password"
      type: "compute"
      provider: "rackspace"
      region: "iad"
      api_key: "service account email"
      api_secret: "path to pem file"
      type: "compute"
      provider: "gce"
      # Arbitrary driver constructor arguments can be passed by utilizing extra_kwargs
      # config option
        project: "your project id"
        datacenter: "us-central1-a"

Note : When modifying the configuration in /opt/stackstorm/configs/ please remember to tell StackStorm to load these new values by running st2ctl reload --register-configs


The following actions are supported:

Virtual Machines / Servers

  • Create a new VM - create_vm
  • Reboot a VM - reboot_vm
  • Stop a VM - stop_vm
  • Start a VM - start_vm
  • Destroy a VM - destroy_vm


  • Upload a file to a container - upload_file
  • Enable CDN for a container and retrieve container CDN URL - enable_cdn_for_container
  • Retrieve CDN URL of a CDN enabled container - get_container_cdn_url
  • Retrieve CDN URL for an object which is stored in a CDN enabled container - get_object_cdn_url


  • Create a new DNS record - create_dns_record
  • Delete an existing DNS record - delete_dns_record