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By default, only system packs are available to StackStorm services when installed using the stackstorm-ha helm chart. If you need additional packs, bake them into a custom docker image using the instructions below.

The st2packs image will mount /opt/stackstorm/{packs,virtualenvs} via a sidecar container in pods which need access to the packs. These volumes are mounted read-only. In the kubernetes cluster, the st2 pack install command will not work.

Building the st2packs image

To build your own custom st2packs image, run:

git clone
cd st2packs-dockerfiles
docker build --build-arg PACKS="<pack names>" -t ${DOCKER_REGISTRY}/st2packs:<version_number> st2packs-image

where <pack names> is a space separated list of packs you want to install in the st2packs image and <docker_registry> is the registry URL. <version_number> should be used and incremented with each change to the pack contents, since using 'latest' as the pack will not tell helm when changes occur and upgrade will not occur. The pack may be specified as a github url, or as a local file (e.g. file://). In the latter case, then you need to ensure these are COPY'd into the docker build environment. As an example,

ARG PACKS="file:///tmp/stackstorm-st2"

FROM stackstorm/st2packs:builder AS builder
# considering you have your "local" pack under the `stackstorm-st2` dir relative to Dockerfile
# Here we copy local "stackstorm-st2" dir into Docker's "/tmp/stackstorm-st2"
COPY stackstorm-st2 /tmp/stackstorm-st2/
# Check it
RUN ls -la /tmp/stackstorm-st2

RUN /opt/stackstorm/st2/bin/st2-pack-install ${PACKS}
FROM stackstorm/st2packs:runtime

If you have enabled the k8s Docker Registry using docker-registry.enabled = true in the Helm chart configuration values.yaml at, then set <docker_registry> to localhost:5000.

Helper images

The st2packs-builder and st2packs-runtime directories each contain a Dockerfile for images that are used to simplify the st2packs Dockerfile.

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