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The template parsing command line tool.
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What is StackStrap?

Is it a command line tool? Is it a collection of highly usable Salt States? Is it a Vagrant plugin? It will likely become all of these things. Ultimately StackStrap is an attempt to construct a DevOps platform and PaaS that caters to people who are new to Unix-like systems and the command line in general.

There is no denying that the command line is the best way to enable the process of building and deploying applications. The problem is that all the projects which exist today assume that you grew up attached to the Linux operating system and have a background in computer science. This is simply not the case for a huge percentage of the development workforce and scientific community.

StackStrap is an effort to combine the three most promising open-source DevOps projects in the most common sense way possible. The goal is to get more people building things while using all of the best patterns available today. The are a lot of blanks to fill between back-end and front-end developers and this project aims to start filling them. The Unix philosophy will always be held dear and the guidlines outlined for twelve-factor apps will always be kept in mind, but nothing will trump the need to be easy to understand.

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