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error-stack-parser.js - Extract meaning from JS Errors

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Simple, cross-browser Error parser. This library parses and extracts function names, URLs, line numbers, and column numbers from the given Error's stack as an Array of StackFrames.

Once you have parsed out StackFrames, you can do much more interesting things. See stacktrace-gps.

Note that in IE9 and earlier, Error objects don't have enough information to extract much of anything. In IE 10, Errors are given a stack once they're thrown.

Browser Support

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ErrorStackParser.parse(new Error('BOOM'));

=> [
        StackFrame({functionName: 'foo', args: [], fileName: 'path/to/file.js', lineNumber: 35, columnNumber: 79, isNative: false, isEval: false}),
        StackFrame({functionName: 'Bar', fileName: '', lineNumber: 1, columnNumber: 832, isNative: false, isEval: false, isConstructor: true}),
        StackFrame(... and so on ...)


npm install error-stack-parser
bower install error-stack-parser


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