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Making contributions

When submitting your pull requests, please do the following to make it easier to incorporate your changes:

  • Include unit and/or functional tests that validate changes you're making.
  • Run unit tests in the latest IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and make sure they pass.
  • Rebase your changes onto origin/HEAD if you can do so cleanly.
  • If submitting additional functionality, provide an example of how to use it.
  • Please keep code style consistent with surrounding code.


There are a few ways to run tests:

  • You can run tests in PhantomJS by simply running gradlew test from your favorite shell.
  • Run tests with JSTestDriver using gradlew jstd
  • Point any browser to ≤project dir>/test/TestStacktrace.html for unit tests
  • Point your browser to ≤project dir>/test/functional/index.html for more real-world functional tests
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