Function instrumentation does not work as expected in Chrome 12 #18

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Running function instrumentation test case at loses bottom of stack in Chrome 12.

See test for details.


Exception stack is somehow corrupted in - before chrome() I can see one extra line in stack trace (7 lines overall), after chrome() this line is disappeared (only 6 lines left). Investigating further...


Before chrome() (I've reformatted your test file):

"TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'undef'
at Object.createException (
at (
at printStackTrace (
at instrumented (
at bar (

after return this[mode](ex):

"Object.createException (",
" (",
"printStackTrace (",
"instrumented (",
"bar (",

Line for testcase4.html:41:9 (where bar(); is invoked from foo) is disappeared after stack processing.


I've changed in my fork script and tests - take a look. Older Chrome versions may work incorrect - original regular expression removed extra lines from stacktrace.

Also I've changed your testcase4.html - where can I put it? In your example bar() should not be expected in stacktrace.

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I have merged your changes and pushed. I also added the test/functional directory for those test cases. I have added link to the Jenkins page with a link to the latest functional tests.

So, just check in your testcase4.html and I'll merge it in. After your help with the 0.4 release, I'll add you as a collaborator so you don't have to go configuring this stuff yourself and we won't have to worry about merges etc.

Thanks again,

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Fixed, see "chrome stack" test.

@eriwen eriwen closed this Jul 12, 2011
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