line number of error in try...catch on IPhone's safari #40

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Hey Guys

I stumbled upon this as I was trying to solve my issue:

I must capture all errors using try...catch block. On safari, the object that is passed to catch as a "line" properly that gives me the line of where the original error occurred. on I Phone, all I get is "message" property - no line number of the original error.

Is there a solution for this problem? I see this utility also does not get the stack trace for safari, but all i need, is a line number. Wonder if you guys have the same issue. I found remarkably little info on this problem...


victor-homyakov commented Jun 27, 2012

Sorry for late answer - I was in the hospital. We have special test page in our project - test/functional/ExceptionLab.html. Please check out project, open this page in browser, and press button "Exception 1". You will see version of your browser at the top of the page and dump of the error object. Show me both version and dump.

wagenet commented Aug 29, 2012

I just tried this with the iPhone simulator. It doesn't appear to be returning anything beyond a message.


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eriwen commented Nov 17, 2014

On iOS 6 and earlier, you'll have to use to artificially create stack traces.

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