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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
import sys,os,re,datetime
from operator import attrgetter
import urlparse
from DocumentRepository import DocumentRepository
import Util
import LegalURI
from LegalRef import LegalRef, Link
__version__ = (0,1)
__author__ = u"Staffan Malmgren <>"
class SKVFS(DocumentRepository):
module_dir = "skvfs"
source_encoding = "utf-8"
# start_url = ""
# This url contains slightly more (older) links (and a different layout)?
start_url = ""
# also consolidated versions
# URL's are highly unpredictable. We must find the URL for every
# resource we want to download, we cannot transform the resource
# id into a URL
def download_everything(self,usecache=False):"Starting at %s" % self.start_url)
years = {}
for link in sorted(self.browser.links(text_regex=r'^\d{4}$'),
year = int(link.text)
# Documents for the years 1985-2003 are all on one page
# (with links leading to different anchors). To avoid
# re-downloading stuff when usecache=False, make sure we
# haven't seen this url (sans fragment) before
url = link.absolute_url.split("#")[0]
if year not in years and url not in years.values():
years[year] = url
# just download the most recent year
def download_new(self):"Starting at %s" % self.start_url)
link = sorted(self.browser.links(text_regex=r'^\d{4}$'),
key=attrgetter('text'), reverse=True)[0]
self.download_year(int(link.text),link.absolute_url, usecache=True)
def download_year(self, year, url, usecache=False):"Downloading year %s from %s" % (year, url))
for link in (self.browser.links(text_regex=r'FS \d+:\d+')):
if "bilaga" in link.text:
self.log.warning("Skipping attachment in %s" % link.text)
# sanitize trailing junk
linktext = re.match("\w+FS \d+:\d+", link.text).group(0)
# something like skvfs/2010/23 or rsfs/1996/9
basefile = linktext.strip().lower().replace(" ", "/").replace(":","/")
def download_single(self, basefile, url, usecache=False):"Downloading %s from %s" % (basefile, url))
self.document_url = url + "#%s"
html_downloaded = super(SKVFS,self).download_single(basefile,usecache)
year = int(basefile.split("/")[1])
if year >= 2007: # download pdf as well
filename = self.downloaded_path(basefile)
pdffilename = os.path.splitext(filename)[0]+".pdf"
if not usecache or not os.path.exists(pdffilename):
soup = self.soup_from_basefile(basefile)
pdflink = soup.find(href=re.compile(u'\.pdf$'))
if not pdflink:
self.log.debug("No PDF file could be found")
return html_downloaded
pdftext = Util.elementText(pdflink)
pdfurl = urlparse.urljoin(url, pdflink['href'])
self.log.debug("Found %s at %s" % (pdftext,pdfurl))
pdf_downloaded = self.download_if_needed(pdfurl, pdffilename)
return html_downloaded and pdf_downloaded
return False
return html_downloaded
if __name__ == "__main__":