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Open-Source Scheduling Apps

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  1. Staffjoy V1, aka "Suite" - a scheduling application for hundreds of workers

    Python 806 219

  2. Staffjoy V2 - all microservices in a monorepo

    JavaScript 1.5k 406

  3. Staffjoy Suite (V1) Microservice - Demand to Shift Decomposition

    Python 36 36

  4. Staffjoy Suite (V1) Deprecated Microservice - Original autoscheduling algorithm, which combines shift creation and assignment. No longer compatible with open-source suite.

    Julia 58 32

  5. Staffjoy Suite (V1) Microservice - Shift Assignment Subject To Constraints

    Python 20 26

  6. Staffjoy Suite (V1) - iPhone and Android Applications

    JavaScript 11 31


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