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Stafmans WordPress Wiki

Frankly, I'm just learning to code, so don't expect any cleverness here. Coming from mostly configuring Wordpress sites, frameworks, themes, plugins I got interested more and more in "How it really works". It means understanding the code and start developing myself.

Now I like to search and learn from what I would consider "best practices" or at least wise lessons from experienced developers. My goal is to build my own Wordpress Theme and for this I'm gathering 'knowledge'. This Wiki I use to collect all kinds of usefull information for myself and my learning project, and to structure it so I can find it when I need it.


##0 Issues resolved

Her I list resolved issues just to categorize and locate them better later.

0.1 Issue resolved: pagination on Static Front Page

##1 General Stuff

1.1 CSS Selectors
1.2 Regex
1.3 HTML character codes
1.4 Using Custom Styles
1.5 Using Custom Functions
1.6 Enqueueing Stuff
1.7 Using jQuery and javascripts
1.8 Using jQuery in Wordpress: deal with noConflict mode
1.9 jQuery.noConflict() conversion examples
1.10 Use sprintf() in Wordpress
1.11 Using Post Formats and Post Types (intro)
1.12 Start Class or ID names with digits
1.13 Browser Scrollbars
1.14 Style Switcher

##1.a General Wordpress Stuff

1.a.1 Update WordPress automatically without FTP
1.a.2 WordPress Load Sequence

##1.b Frameworks and Themes Stuff
(find a better location for these later)

1.b.1 Genesis and Dynamik combi

##2 Theme Development

2.1 Minimal Structure
2.2 Structure
2.3 Migrating to Wordpress
2.4 Migrating from Localhost
2.5 Widgetizing a theme

##3 Theme Independent Customizing

3.1 Creating a custom functions plugin for end users
3.1.a Additional reading on 'Functionality Plugins'
3.2 Guide to WP Hooks and Functions
3.3 Remove 'private:' from posttitles

##3.a Theme Customizing

3.a.1 Genesis 'grandchild' Themes
3.a.1.1 Genesis (child)theme customization methods
3.a.2 Post formats
3.a.3 Favicons

##4 Snippets 4.1 auto update copyright year
4.2 scroll to div on page reload
4.3 customize Tag-Cloud layout
4.4 redirect users after login
4.5 number of post-revisions to keep

##5 Plugins and Widgets

5.1 Making Plugins: basics
5.2 Making Widgets: basics
5.3 Load theme specific widgets

##6 Creating and Implementing Scripts
6.1 Hoveralls jquery plugin in wordpress
6.2 Hover Image Captions
6.3 AJAX content refresh Wordpress
6.4 AJAXify wordpress theme
6.5 AJAXify wordpress my experiments
6.6 Localscroll

##7. Customise Typography

7.1 Font-Face
7.2 Icon Fonts with Font-Face
7.3 Google Fonts
7.4 Cufon Fonts

##8. Customise Menu

8.1 Add Menu Items Before and After wp_nav_menu
8.1.a Menu items before and after in stafmans onepager
8.2 Search form in navigation menu
8.3 Logo in navigation menu
8.4 Home and other Items in WP Nav Menu using filters
8.4a Login/Logout link in menu
8.5 Menu Snippets
8.6 Customizing WP Menus
8.7 Change Mobile Menu of TwentyTwelve
8.8 Toggle the search field with CSS
8.9 Menu Icons with Icon Image Files
8.10 Menu Icons with Icon Font
8.11 Menu Item Descriptions
8.12 Add menu locations
8.13 Wordpress Menus general information

##9. Customize Posts and Pages

9.1 Disable wpautop()

###9.a Custom Post Types

9.a.1 Make Custom Post Type
9.a.2 Make Templates to show CPT
9.a.3 Categories and Taxonomy

###9.b Custom Templates

###9.c Pagination

##10. Customize Wordpress Admin Backend

10.1 Control the use of TinyMCE 'visual' or 'HTML' editor

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