Browserify vs Component

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Browserify -vs- Component

This is a comparison of the two biggest CommonJS module managers/bundlers for frontend development. Both have their own pros and cons but they're both useful in their own way. This is meant to highlight some of these traits so you can make an educated choice.

Please edit this page and fix anything I got wrong or forgot to mention.

Feature Browserify Component
Package Manager npm component
Repository npm registry Github
Namespace Single Github username/repo
Local Packages Symlinks "local" in component.json
Local/Private Repositories Hard, need to setup a npm registry Easy, just a static http server emulating GH paths
Module Resolution Directory structure "name" in component.json
Bundler Resolution Automatic using AST, may bundle unnecessary files or miss some Explicit in component.json
Assets Bundling "fs" based, inlined with code Explicit, namespaced, symlinked/copied to public
CSS No Bundled separately in "build.css"
Plugins Yes Yes
SourceMaps Yes No
SourceURLs No Yes
Modular/Hackable Yes Yes
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