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Documentation tweak #1

jassky opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Jeff Jassky stagas
Jeff Jassky
jassky commented

Slightly un-clear documentation. When I read "usage: nodie [param, [...]]" My understanding was that referred to my node script/program and [params] were params for my node script. For about 30 minutes I tried using "nodie /path/to/script.js" and was continuously getting a syntax error. When I started to look deeper in to the code I realized the usage was actually "nodie node /path/to/script.js"

This was a mistake on my part of course but I was thinking the documentation could be slightly more clear - maybe with an actual example or two.

By the way - Thanks for this script!

stagas commented

Thanks, I added a couple of examples on the readme so it should be more clear now.

stagas stagas closed this
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