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Using the Stagecast platform

Follow this guide to understand how to use the platform and how to upload and launch your own Moment.

Create a mobile account

Download the Stagecast app from App / google play store. Create a Stagecast account using an email adress (Obs - not facebook).

Follow the moblie flow below to create an account.

Sign up mobile

When you are done creating you account you should se a page with a list of events.

Upgrade your mobile account to organiser account

Go to

  • Choose "Convert mobile account"
  • Go thorught the conversion process

See flow below convert account

When you are done, go ahead an create your first event

Create an event

Press "add event" and go through the event set up journey


When you are done you should see your event appearing in a list like the picture below.


Keep events non public

OBS! When you are testing out your event keep the event Non public. When you are logged in with the same account on mobile app and on the web you can still see your non public event.

Add collaborators to your event

If you want to show/collaborate on the non public events you can add people. This is done by clicking the plus-symbol on the event.


Add a moment

Click on the event in the event list.

Click the plus to enter the moment portfolio. moment

Choose the color moment. moment

Setup the colors you like and save the moment. moment

The moment is now ready to be launched (it will show up in your event in the mobile app) moment

Launch a moment

The easiest way to launch a moment is to press the Launch now-button. This will make the moment appear inside of the event in the mobile application. All users that has been inside of an event in the mobile app will be notified with a notification (if they allow that).


Test your own moment

You can launch your own moment on the Stagecast platform if it is build with webtechnologies (html, javascript, css). It will render in the mobile apps as a webview and display what you created inside of it.

See previous steps on how to set up an account, event and moment.

In the moment portfilio choose the html moment moment

On the following set up screen add you code in the html-field.

The code that you insert has to be in a specific format following this boilerplate. A couple of examples can be found here.

Insert your code here: moment

When set up, go ahead an launch it to see it in the mobile app!

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