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Minimum Version Notes
Java 6 A JDK is strongly recommended. If you want to use stagemonitor with a JRE (< 9), you have to add the following command line argument to the start of the JVM: -javaagent:/path/to/byte-buddy-agent-<version>.jar
Servlet API 3
Elasticsearch 5
Grafana 5
Kibana 4

Option 1: Live Demo

If you just want to play with the in browser widget you can visit Currently, there is no live demo for the Kibana and Grafana dashboards.

Option 2: Quick Start with Demo Application

Set up environment with docker

Set up Spring PetClinic

Running petclinic locally with stagemonitor enabled

Explore the Dashboards

Option 3: Set up stagemonitor with your own Application

You can also view the commits of the example integration of stagemonitor into the demo application Spring PetClinic:

If you want to include stagemonitor into a non servlet based application, look here

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