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Beer Endpoint for Kegs at Puppet, Inc
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Beer Endpoint for Kegs at Puppet.

The production deployment can normally be found at

How does it work?

This works through a very complex system of talking to a google spreadsheet and reading cells. The sheet needs to look a certain way, or this whole thing falls apart. Is this useful outside of Puppet? Maybe, but it might require edits.

Actual Deployment

Wow, I still hate ruby deployments. In order to "solve" the deployment problem, I'm trying out docker here.

Build the Docker image

make image

Run the Docker image

make run

View the logs

If you're using my makefile for shortcuts, then your container will be named beer_endpoint.

docker logs beer_endpoint

Clean up your mess

make clean

This will stop the running container and remove it from your system. This is nice when doing development and iterating.


If you'd like to fix/improve anything, please do. I'm hoping the docker model makes this a little easier for people doing development to send up UI fixes or patches or whatnot.


  • WTFPL -- See LICENSE File for more infromation.
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