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Puppet modules I write or modify

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Git repo for all puppet modules I use/write.

* daap_server -- A DAAP server that exports your music collection via the Digital Audio Access Protocol as made famous by Apple iTunes.
* ntp -- installs and configures the ntp daemon
* sshkeys -- Deploys a public ssh key for the root user
* cronjobs -- Deploys my yum update/management cron job
* puppetclient -- Sets up a very basic puppet client
* resolv -- Very simple setup for my resolv.conf

Under development
* miau -- An IRC proxy deployment and setup module on a per user basis
* cobbler -- A module to setup the cobbler build system.  
* mysql -- Setup a MySQL Server 
* lssm -- Basic application deployment for a websages app
* puppetclient -- when I was doing client/server puppet I was playing with this
* ldap_client -- setup ldap client settings

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