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Puppet Labs repoview

This module is used internally by Puppet Labs to generate and manage static HTML pages using the repoview tool.


Should be as easy as

include repoview

There are a few default parameters which may need to be changed:

  • $basetitle - Title to be displayed on HTML pages. Defaults to 'Puppet Labs Yum Repository'.
  • $basepath - Absolute path to yum repository. Defaults to /var/www/yum.
  • $temporaryrepos - List of relative paths from $basepath at which to generate temporary repositories. These are paths at which a yum repoistory does not exist but you still desire to have a view for these paths. A repository will be created at this location, the HTML pages generated, and the repository files removed. This currently defaults the main repo and each supported platform and OS version (EL 5 & 6, Fedora 14, 15 & 16).
  • $otherrepos - List of relative paths from $basepath at which repositories already exist and should have an HTML view generated. This currently defaults to the product and dependency directories under each platform and OS version.

If any of these need to be overwritten, the class can be included as, e.g.

class { 'repoview':
  basetitle = 'Acme Yum Repository',
  basepath = '/var/www',

HTML Templates

repoview uses templates (using Python's kid templating engine) to generate the HTML pages. This engine and the variables exposed by repoview are not documented other than in repoview's default set of templates. This module make use of four different sets of templates (all found in files/templates) to generate various views. The main templates are used for the main landing page. Under the specific directory, the platform templates are used for the temporary repository view generated for each platform and OS version; and the product and dependencies templates are used for the product and dependencies views, respectively.

repoview Binary

The repoview binary (a Python script) is included in and managed by this module since a package for it only exists for Red Hat/CentOS/etc. It also includes a patch to make the output directory option function correctly. (This patch has been filed upstream, but it is unlikely to be merged as repoview is not under active development.)