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Stakecube [SCC] integration/staging tree

Brief Specifications

  • Coin Name: StakeCubeCoin
  • Coin Ticker: SCC
  • Consensus: MN/PoS
  • MN Collateral: 1000 SCC
  • Block reward: 4-24 SCC
  • MN reward: 70-90%
  • PoS reward: 10-30%
  • Block spacing: 120 Seconds
  • Premine: 250000 SCC (1.4%)
  • Total supply: 18 Million
  • RPC port: 39999
  • P2P/MN port: 40000

What is Stakecube (SCC) ?

StakeCubeCoin is a fork of the MUE codebase; which uses a combination of Masternodes with PoS (Proof of stake) to secure the cryptocurrency network.

The first consequtive blocks contain the coins allocated for the user coin swap, destined for holders of the previous PoW/PoS version of Stakecube.

A total of 1000 SC is required to run a masternode;

Issue Tracker

The integrated GitHub issue tracker is used for this project. Upon running into an issue, please submit it here.


The documentation is a work-in-progress. It is located in the doc folder and the wiki pages.


The answers to most technical questions can be found in the official SCC wiki:

This wiki will be updated with SCC specifications, docs, manuals and FAQs.


Stakecube is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Stakecube is derived from code developed by both the Dashpay team ( and the PIVX team (; and where possible, have left all copyright notices and trademarks untouched.