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mozregression is an interactive regression range finder for Mozilla nightly builds.


you can install mozregression with setuptools or pip. OS-specific instructions

easy_install mozregression


To find the regression range for a bug, supply mozregression with the date of the last known good nightly and the date of a bad nightly (optional):

mozregression --good=2010-03-16 --bad=2010-09-08

This will download and run several nightly builds on new profiles and narrow down the range. After checking a few nightlies, you'll get the regression range which looks something like this:

Last good nightly: 2010-09-08 First bad nightly: 2010-09-09


other options

Just run the nightly for a particular date:

moznightly --date=2010-10-23

Find regression range on Thunderbird nightlies:

mozregression --app=thunderbird

Find regression range on Firefox mobile nightlies:

mozregression --app=fennec

Other branches/repos:

mozregression --repo=mozilla-1.9.2

Other options exist for running the nightlies with a particular profile, addons, and browser arguments.


mozregression uses mozcommitbuilder:

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