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After almost exactly a year of development, stakx has finally reached its first stable release. I'm comfortable with the current stability of this project and its ability to build websites. Want to see some websites built with stakx? Check out the stakx-website repository topic.

Here's the change log since beta 3.


  • Added new pages variable which provides access to all static pages a stakx website has
  • The url() Twig function now accepts any PageView or CollectionItem for generating URLs
  • Data files with a .example extension are ignored (#35)
  • Errors occurring due to a file's syntax now display the path to the file to the console (#34)
  • Add Markdown Extra support
  • All generated code blocks now have the hljs class added to it


  • Ensure only JailObjects are given to Twig
  • Children of hidden parents in the menu variable are no longer accessible
  • All FrontMatter objects implement ArrayAccess
  • License file has been changed to MIT
  • The group Twig filter has been improved with several crash bugs fixed
    • If a value is not set in the Front Matter, it will be discarded in the group result
    • Grouping by booleans is now possible; a 'true' or 'false' literal will be used
  • All FrontMatter objects no longer make use of magic methods (this should have no affect on websites)
  • The menu variable only contains pages with a title FrontMatter key
  • More errors thrown contain information regarding the path of the file that triggered the error instead of just the error


  • Fix calls to jailed functions in JailObjects
  • Parsing FrontMatter files has improved cross-platform support
  • The where Twig filter works better with null values
  • Don't crash when using watch and no theme is present
  • Nested siblings in the menu variable no longer override each other
  • An error is now thrown when an unknown collection is referenced in a dynamic PageView instead of crashing
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