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Tox me on Mac OS X
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Poison is a Mac client for Tox, with support for file sharing, multiple profiles, group messaging, and more. Built with precision and care, Poison follows strict guidelines to maintaining the look and feel of OS X. While it's still in its infancy stage, most of Poison's features work, but support for A/V is in the works as more features are in the works.

Build it

git submodule update --init --recursive
./ CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="Your codesigning certificate"

You must have a certificate to build Poison properly.

Contribution Guidelines


  • If you break compatibility with 10.7, I will break you.


  1. (If you don't have Xcode installed, skip this step) Run ./ genstrings in the project root.
  2. cd to resources/strings.
  3. Copy en.lproj to a folder for your language's code. Apple tells you how to figure those out here.
  4. Translate the Localizable.strings file in your new folder.
  5. (If you don't have Xcode installed, skip this step) Run ./ update in the project root. It might spit out some warnings, just ignore them.
  6. cd to resources/interfaces/TL/strings. Again, copy en.lproj to a new folder, with the same code you used in step 2.
  7. Translate the files in your new folder.
  8. Do the GitHub thing.
  9. You are done! Thank you for helping translate Poison.

Translation text

  • For menus: if the option will take you to another part of the UI (say, pop up a sheet), suffix it with an ellipse.
  • Do not translate the word "Tox" or the word "Poison" where they are used as proper nouns.
  • Keep word choice consistent (e.g. do not refer to a friend as "Contact" in one window, then "Friend" in another)


  • My code is licensed under a BSD 3-clause license. Please see
  • However, linking to other projects causes this to actually be GPLv3.
  • Images assets are free for you to use, except the icon.


If you really want to, you can send me (!wafuu8CaXg) a fraction of a bitcoin or something: 1N191yTJkwebUxmaNFg9Krb5dN6cqyGavi

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