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Serbian OSM Lint

Serbian OSM Lint is a helper tool to detect and fix various issues on Serbian OSM project. This is achieved by using "checks", where Serbian Lint checks are pre-made.

However, it is not constrained to just Serbian checks on OSM, it is general purpose check framework for OSM!

It features:

  • Support for Windows/Linux/Mac, Python 3.x

  • Support for reading PBF files using (fast) PyOsmium library, as well as osmread library (PyOsmium seems 2x-5x faster than osmread, but I dare you to compile it on Windows:)

  • Support for Sophox SPARQL queries

  • extensive configuration support

  • support for both executing reports on checks and automated/semi-automated OSM editing

  • fully tested and documented

  • "check framework" where one can define checks by defining:

    • On which entity types check is applicable
    • On which maps check is applicable
    • Check and fix functions

    Serbian OSM Lint will then automatically resolve all dependencies and execute checks and fixes on all entities from a given map.

Current results can be seen at:

If it is not updated for 3 days, contact me!

This is OSM user that this script can be seen running live. Here is its OSM Wiki page too.


You should have Python 3.x for Serbian OSM Lint to work.

  1. Install requirements:

     sudo apt-get install build-essential libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev libboost-python-dev libbz2-dev libz-dev 
     pip install -r requirements.txt

Note that if you are on Windows, you will not be able to install PyOSmium, just remove it from requirements.txt, since Serbian OSM Lint has support for fallback PBF reader.

  1. Open src/ and adopt as necessary. Default configuration is for reporting.

  2. From root directory, just run and you will get HTML report in report.html at the end:

     python src/

    Running with fixing fixable LINT errors (but without actual committing to OSM), and with report HTML outputted to foo.html:

     python src/ --fix --dry-run -o foo.html

    For list of all options, run with -h:

     python src/ -h

List of checks

Currently, there are dozens of checks. Here is brief overview of them:

  • Checks that name tag exists in entity
  • Checks that name tag is in cyrillic
  • Checks that there is sr:Latn tag and that it is transliterated from regular name tag
  • Checks that there are Wikipedia from Serbian Wikipedia and Wikidata entries
  • Checks that Wikipedia and Wikidata entries match


Just go to issues and pick one:) If you can make report less uglier - please go for it:)

If you have idea for additional check(s), feel free to write it and I will surely add it!


Serbian OSM Lint is using nosetests. To execute all tests, go to root directory and run:



Serbian OSM Lint is a helper tool to detect and fix various issues on Serbian OSM project




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