Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables
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A webapp for experimenting with diagrams of Rx Observables, for learning purposes.

Example switchMap


  • Visualize example diagrams for each operator in Rx
  • Drag an item ("marble") on an Observable to see how the operator reacts
  • Direct link to any example diagram, e.g.,


This is a Cycle.js app. Use this as an example implementation of advanced custom elements in Cycle.


Fork and git clone the repository.

npm install

The roadmap is entirely specified in the TODO file, which follows the git-done syntax. You can also use git done instead of git commit if you wish. For minor bug fixes, you won't need to deal with the TODO file. But if you're building a feature, remember to write a DONE entry before you commit and send the pull request.

The build system is using npm scripts. To develop, build the project with npm run build.

And access the site on your local machine as file:///path/to/rxmarblesrepo/index.html.

Make a pull request when you're ready.