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<h2 class="name-title"><a href="#name" id="link-name-title" data-toggle="tooltip" title="Real name?" class="name-title">André Staltz</a></h2>
<h3 class="name-subtitle">User Interface Programmer</h3>
<p>Hi, I'm a user interface programmer and reactive programming expert. My passion is to pull ideas from the future and realize them in the present.</p>
<h2 id="about-me" class="hr"><span class="hr">ABOUT ME</span></h2>
<p>I come from Brazil, but never felt like a true Brazilian. Now, I live in Finland, where it's nice and cold. The Finnish culture also matches my personality well.</p>
<p>I currently work as a Senior Web and Mobile Developer at
<a href="" target="_blank">Futurice</a>.
<p>My <em>thing</em> is highly interactive user interfaces. I want to make great ideas become reality, with obsessive attention to detail.</p>
<p>I'm enthusiastic about reactive programming, JavaScript, functional programming, and the decentralized web.
I have authored the <a href="">Cycle.js</a> framework, and have been a core contributor to <a href="">RxJS</a>.
<h2 id="find-me" class="hr"><span class="hr">FIND ME</span></h2>
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<h2 id="blog" class="hr"><span class="hr">BLOG</span></h2>
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<a href="">Why debugging is all about understanding</a> (2015-August)<br />
<a href="">Why I cannot say FRP but I just did</a> (2015-July)<br />
<a href="">Sharing best practices for Android, iOS, and Windows apps</a> (2015-April)<br />
<a href="">Reactive MVC and the Virtual DOM</a> (2014-November)<br />
<a href="">Android development has its own Swift</a> (2014-July)<br />
<a href="">The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing</a> (2014-July)
Also, check out these <a href="/big-tweets">"big tweets"</a>.
<h2 id="talks" class="hr"><span class="hr">TALKS</span></h2>
<a href="">You will learn RxJS</a> (ng-europe, Paris 2016)<br />
<a href="">The Return of Stream I/O</a> (GOTO, Copenhagen 2016)<br />
<a href="">See the data flowing through your app</a> (Full Stack Fest, Barcelona 2016)<br />
<a href="">Dynamics of change: why reactivity matters</a> (PolyConf, Poznan 2016)<br />
<a href="">Unidirectional data flow architectures</a> (At The Frontend, Copenhagen 2016)<br />
<a href="">Brains as building blocks</a> (CycleConf, Copenhagen 2016)<br />
<a href="">Cycle.js was built to solve problems</a> (, Helsinki 2016)<br />
<a href="">The whole future declared in a var</a> (dotJS, Paris 2015)<br />
<a href="">Cycle.js and functional reactive user interfaces</a> (ReactiveConf, Bratislava 2015)<br />
<a href="">How Reactive Programming can help reduce code spaghetti</a> (MLOC.js, Budapest 2015)<br />
<a href="">What if the user were a function?</a> (JSConf Budapest 2015)<br />
<h2 id="extras" class="hr"><span class="hr">EXTRAS</span></h2>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">I'm MSc</a> in Computer Science, and for my
<a href="" target="_blank">Master's Thesis</a> I developed
<a href="" target="_blank">HAcid</a>, a Java client library that enables ACID transactions on
<a href="" target="_blank">HBase</a>. In Brazil I graduated BSc in Computational Mathematics at
<a href="" target="_blank">UFMG</a>, where I got to do research on Computational Fluid Dynamics and also
<a href="" target="_blank">Operations Research</a>.
<p>I started programming by making games. With my friend
<a href="" target="_blank">Glauber Kotaki</a> (artist for Rogue Legacy) I've made some games such as <a href="" target="_blank">Cold Tension</a>, and by myself I've made
<a href="" target="_blank">RGBlend</a>, a color puzzle game.
<p>I'm an acoustic guitarist and a composer. I listen to different
genres, but mostly instrumental music. Check out my
<a href="" target="_blank">acoustic songs recorded on video</a>. In 2004-2006 I recorded a progressive alternative rock/metal album called
<a href="" target="_blank"><em>O vazio tem um nome</em></a>.
You can find other compositions at
<a href="" target="_blank">Soundcloud</a>.
<h2 id="name" class="hr"><span class="hr">MY NAME</span></h2>
<p><em>Staltz</em> is just a nickname I use on the web since 2004. My real
name is <strong>André Medeiros</strong>, but I try to avoid it
because it's
<a href="é+medeiros" target="_blank">disappointingly unoriginal</a>.