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@futurice @cyclejs @motorcyclejs @elm-native-ui
Paul Frazee pfrazee

Austin, TX

Dominic Tarr dominictarr

cruiser not a racer

Mad Science New Zealand

Mathias Buus mafintosh

Rød grød med fløde

Copenhagen, Denmark

Yoshua Wuyts yoshuawuyts


@datproject Berlin, Germany

Tylor Steinberger TylorS

Self-taught developer. Core Contributor to @cyclejs & @mostjs. Most of my work is in the organizations I'm a member of, please check there if interested :smile:

Sparks.Network Ashland, NH, United States

Evan Czaplicki evancz

Designer/developer of @elm-lang. Working at @NoRedInk.

Kimmo Brunfeldt kimmobrunfeldt

Tech, design and tiny perfect details. Creating services at @futurice.

@futurice Finland

Timo Tuominen tehmou

London, United Kingdom

Kimmo Puputti kpuputti

Sharetribe Kirkkonummi, Finland

Jacob Kelley jakiestfu

I like me sum javascrimps

@dollarshaveclub Los Angeles

Tavis Rudd tavisrudd Vancouver

James Tauber jtauber

Founder of @eldarion and the @pinax project. Personal projects are mostly in Python and interests include linguistics, Ancient Greek, music theory, cosmology

Eldarion Burlington, MA

Hotloo Xiranood hotloo

The Curious AI Company Helsinki