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CartoDB Basemap Editor

This is an editor for editing maps on CartoDB. A compatible version of the CartoDB basemaps can be found on GitHub at stamen/cartodb-basemaps.

To open the preview pane, open the Command Palette (⇧⌘P) and enter some variation on "Cartodb: Preview".


Before use, you'll need to provide your CartoDB username and add an API key. Open the Settings (AtomPreferencesPackagescartodbSettings) and fill in those fields.


For the full experience, install these additional packages:

Additional Configuration

To get the full benefit from pigments, open its Settings (AtomPreferencesPackagespigmentsSettings) and set its Autocomplete Scopes to:

'.source.css', '.source.css.less', '.source.sass', '.source.css.scss', '.source.stylus', '.source.css.mss'

and Source Names to:

**/*.styl, **/*.stylus, **/*.less, **/*.sass, **/*.scss, **/*.mss

You may also want to experiment with Marker Type, as it makes working with color variables more pleasant.