Berkeley Eco Engine compare demo
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Berkeley Eco Engine compare demo

For issues with this repository, please file over at


gem install sass
npm install
cp .env.json.sample .env.json


scp -prq ./build/.
scp -prq ./build/.[year]-[month]-[day]/


This ...


npm start

This ...

Open http://localhost:8000/

URL Shortening

For the URL shortener to work, you will need to get a key for the Google URL Shortener API. The key must be in the .env.json file in the repo root as google-key

Adding vendor JS libraries

bower install [bower package name]

All bower components are bundled into the minified JS for the site. Any required css is wrapped into vendor.css and included in the header

Things to know about javascript in this project

  • All JS is linted as you save. Errors can stop JS from being built. Keep you eye on the terminal for errors
  • view specific code is in the ./viewJs file and all shared scripts are in the ./js folder.
  • All js is included in the footer.

Holos integration

A django/jinja2 compatible template has been added to the root of the build directory. This can be used as a jinja2 include to bring in the markup needed to run this application without the header and footer. The following files need to be linked in the main document:

  • css/vendor.css (in the document head)
  • css/base.css (in the document head)
  • js/ecoengine-compare.min.js (at the bottom of the document body)