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add convenience method for setting provider zoom limits #9

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Tom Carden
Tom Carden

Something like:

com.modestmaps.MapProvider.prototype.setZoomRange = function(minZoom, maxZoom) {
    this.topLeftOuterLimit = this.topLeftOuterLimit.zoomTo(minZoom);
    this.bottomRightInnerLimit = this.bottomRightInnerLimit.zoomTo(maxZoom);

It's never completely clear whether this should be set on Map or on MapProvider, but in general you'd use this on MapProvider to tell it that tiles only exist between certain zoom levels.

A similar function on Map would probably also want to set panning limits as well as zoom limits. Map will already respect zoom limits set by the provider.

Ansis Brammanis ansis referenced this issue from a commit
Tom MacWright tmcw Fixes #9 - this tags a v1.1.0 of Modest Maps.
Older work on the nice grid layout is stashed in the truescale
branch, while this reverts to a per-tile, offset-first
system that's compatible with firefox IE
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