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US Open Data: Open Redistricting

A website and toolset documentation for moving the redistricting process into public view. Produced by Stamen Design for US Open Data in 2016.

How it works

The Open Redistricting website offers a simple interface for uploading current and proposed district maps (in .geojson format), annotating and revising them, and supporting public feedback. It is basically a GitHub / Git client, designed to leverage the benefits of those tools without requiring users to familiarize themselves with them.

Open Redistricting repurposes core GitHub/Git features for the context of drawing legislative district maps as follows:

GitHub/Git Open Redistrcting
Repository Project
Pull Request/Branch Proposal
Branch commit Proposal revision


  • The Open Redistricting website is available for use by legislative redistricting staff and interested members of the public.
  • The workflow documentation outlines the GitHub/Git workflow facilitated by the website, without use of the website itself. Users may wish to roll their own implementation of the Open Redistricting tool to their own specifications, following these guidelines.

Running / Deploying

To run locally, you'll want to:

  • install NVM to manage your Node.js version
  • git clone this repository
  • and then:
nvm use
npm install
npm start

Deploying is as simple as npm run gh-deploy.