Visualization of #SkypeMafia social graph (using R/igraph)
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The aim of this visualization script is to celebrate the 10th birthday of Skype by exposing the social graph around it.

Included are the founders, staff and investors who played a huge part in making Skype possible in the first place, but also a network of new startups founded and funded by these players, plus a number of more established companies feeding on Skype-related talent.

Built on igraph package for R, the script takes two simple CSV input files:

  • edge list of Person -> Company relationships & identifier for their role (founder, employee, investor/advisor)
  • properties list for type, country of origin and formatting metadata of all entities mentioned in edge list

The data in Skype-specific CSV files has been acquired by (mostly manually) scanning public profiles of mentioned players at sources such as Crunchbase, AngelList, LinkedIn, etc.

Data collection should be relatively easy to replicate for whatever group of people and companies you're interested in if you were to fork this script. Use at your own risk.