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Beer Recipes

This repo contains beer recipes I have brewed over the years, with a rotating cast of helpers.

Some of those I got from the web, or from someone else, and some we created from whole cloth. I tried to add proper attribution wherever possible.

This repo is cobbled from scattered notes taken by me and others, with varying levels of detail. I tried to fill in more details from memory, with the mixed results one may expect. As a result, holes, gaps, and omissions galore.

Thanks to @jrslepak, @dotpyfe, and @khale for their help brewing, finding, creating, and refining these recipes.

Repo Structure

  • mainstays: Recipes that we made at least a few times, and that turned out well enough to keep doing them. If we want to brew and don't have anything particular in mind, we reach for one of these.
  • nursery: Recipes that we made maybe once or twice, that we still need to fine tune, or gather data on before deciding on their ultimate fate.
  • graveyard: Recipes that did not work out. Either the recipe itself was a bad idea, or we did not manage to pull it off, or something else happened. Regardless, revisiting them is not on the agenda.

General Info

All recipes were brewed all-grain, brew-in-a-bag.

Recipes either yield 2 gallons (pre-mid-2015) or 3ish (mid-2015 on). A few recipes may have lower yields due to higher gravity, or to mistakes on our part at some point in the process. Most of the recipes were obtained by taking a 5-gallon recipe and halving everything.

Our usual SOP is:

  • 3 gallons of mash water, with some gypsum to compensate for Chicago's hard water (warning: cargo cult)
  • 1 gallon of sparge water, dip sparge at 170-180F for 15 mins
  • a pinch of irish moss at 10 before flameout
  • 1/3 cup priming sugar dissolved in hot water, mixed in fermenter, for bottling

It took us some time to converge on that, though, so some earlier batches may have been brewed differently.

Historical Notes (of limited interest to anyone but me)

This does not include early extract / partial mash batches from 2011-2013ish; I have no plans to go back to extract brewing.