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A Lotus powered cryptomessenger.

Build Status

WARNING: Stamp is in early alpha development stage. There will be multiple breaking changes from now until a stable release. We default to the Lotus testnet as to protect against lost funds.

Install from Binary

  1. Download the appropriate binary for your machine from the latest releases.
  2. Unzip your package.
  3. Run it.

Build from Source


Cloning the Source

Clone this repository using

git clone
cd stamp

Development Mode

Running the following command should run electron in development mode and watch the source files with hot reloading enabled:

yarn dev

Linux, MacOS and Windows Builds

yarn install
yarn build

Your binary will be located in /dist/electron/Packaged/ folder.

You may cross-platform compile to the following targets:

  • darwin
  • mac
  • win32
  • win
  • linux
yarn install
quasar build -m electron -b builder -T {target here}

Note that one cannot cross-compile to MacOS and that building from Linux to Windows requires Wine.

More information can be found here and here.



quasar build -m capacitor -T android



quasar build -m capacitor -T ios

In order to remote debugging on real ios device, the devtools option in quasar.conf.js should not be 'source-map'. Instead try 'eval-source-map' The root cause is that the Safari web inspector disconnects/crashes when the size of any files are too large.

Updating the generated protobuf files:

If the protobuf files need to change due to the addition of a new entry type, or some addition, the following commands will allow for the regeneration of these files. Please check them into the repo after they have been generated.

git submodule update --init --recursive
yarn generate:protobuffers




The Stamp GUI is licensed under GPLv3. However, the subfolder src/cashweb/ is licensed under MIT. This subfolder is a set of libraries for interacting with CashWeb backends.