Bayesian Population Analysis using WinBUGS

Models from the book "Bayesian Population Analysis using WinBUGS --- A Hierarchical Perspective" (2012) by Marc Kéry and Michael Schaub.

Original BUGS code and data files are available at the website of the book.

Stan translations was done by Hiroki Itô I thank Dr. Kéry and Dr. Schaub for permitting to publish Stan translated models. I also thank Dr. Keiichi Fukaya for helpful advice, and Dr. Bob Carpenter for reviewing the code.

Contents of the book

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Brief Introduction to Bayesian Statistical Modeling
  • Chapter 3. Introduction to the Generalized Linear Model: The Simplest Model for Count Data
  • Chapter 4. Introduction to Random Effects: Conventional Poisson GLMM for Count Data
  • Chapter 5. State-Space Models for Population Counts
  • Chapter 6. Estimation of the Size of a Closed Population from Capture-Recapture Data
  • Chapter 7. Estimation of Survival from Capture-Recapture Data Using the Cormack-Jolly-Seber Model
  • Chapter 8. Estimation of Survival Using Mark-Recovery Data
  • Chapter 9. Estimation of Survival and Movement from Capture-Recapture Data Using Multistate Models
  • Chapter 10. Estimation of Survival, Recruitment, and Population Size from Capture-Recapture Data Using the Jolly-Seber Model
  • Chapter 11. Estimation of Demographic Rates, Population Size, and Projection Matrices from Multiple Data Types Using Integral Population Models
  • Chapter 12. Estimation of Abundance from Counts in Metapopulation Design Using the Binomial Mixture Model
  • Chapter 13. Estimation of Occupancy and Species Distributions from Detection/Nondetection Data in Metapopulation Designs Using Site-Occupancy Models
  • Chapter 14. Concluding Remarks