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This is the top-level Wiki for the Stan project as well as the Wiki for the stan-dev/stan repository. Most of the content is aimed at developers, though some may be of interest to users. If you're not a Stan developer or thinking of becoming one, you're probably looking for:

There are a few remaining user-facing Wiki pages that haven't been moved to the web site:

Introduction for aspiring Stan developers

See https://github.com/stan-dev/stan/wiki/Introduction-to-Stan-for-New-Developers

To-Do List

Stan Meetings

GitHub Repositories and Submodule Relationships

The development for the math library, language and algorithms, and interfaces are arranged into the following repositories with arrows indicating submodule inclusions.

math <- stan <- pystan
             <- rstan   <- rstanarm
             <- cmdstan <- statastan
                        <- matlabstan
                        <- stan.jl
                        <- MathematicaStan

Currently, the stan repo includes the language, the algorithms, and the service API for the interfaces. There are additional repos for tools such as the emacs mode, R plotting, R Shiny interface, web pages, etc.

Developer Process


New Functions

Code Style



Feature Specifications






Developer Miscellany

Advertising and Fundraising


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